Business Professionals of America

Merit Scholar Award


To recognize individual members and advisors for their knowledge of Business Professionals of America and to motivate all members and advisors to learn as much as possible about the history, traditions, programs, and activities of the organization.


Any member in good standing with Business Professionals of America, including advisors, attending the National Leadership Conference may earn the BPA Merit Scholar award by achieving a minimum of 90% on an objective test (true/false and multiple choice questions). This general contest is not part of the competitive events program; the BPA Merit Scholar award is part of the BPA Cares program offered to members. The test will be developed annually by the National Center. Resources used will be the BPA Cares Handbook, the Torch Awards Handbook, Merit Scholar Fact Sheet and

An application is not required for this award. The award is given by the National Center to those individuals meeting the criteria.