Business Professionals of America

Recruiter of the Year


To encourage current members of the Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Middle Level Divisions to recruit new BPA members.


All applicants must be in good standing with Business Professionals of America. This award is open to members in the Middle Level, Post- Secondary and Secondary Divisions. The member must earn a minimum of five points. The winners will be decided based on a point system. Every member recruited is worth one point. Every new chapter recruited at the Middle, Secondary, or Post-Secondary level is worth 15 points in addition to one point for every member recruited in the new chapter. The newly recruited members and chapter(s) must be listed on the application with their membership identification numbers (assigned by the BPA Online Membership Registration System). The local chapter advisor must verify electronically that the applicant recruited the listed members and chapter(s). The new chapter’s school name, division, and date formed must be listed. The recruited chapter can be in any division, not restricted to the applicant’s division only. New members are also eligible to apply for this award once registered as national members. A BPA member can receive this national award once annually. New members are members who have not held previous membership in Business Professionals of America, and new chapters are chapters which were not in active membership status in the previous three membership years in Business Professionals of America.

Guidelines and Application

All applications must be submitted utilizing the online application. Submission applications must include all activity descriptions. Partial applications will not be accepted or combined. Do not begin the application online submission form until you have completed all activities.
Applications due April 1.