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Devious Programming is a software development company which specializes in the creation of single player action adventure games. Our development team is in the works with our first upcoming game Lab Rats which is in its development stages. Devious Programming was founded by Dylan Sizemore in early 2016 he started the business with the idea of one day expanding beyond modern computer games and into development on virtual reality software.

Lab Rats takes place in a science labratory on the 45th subfloor where a chemical explosion has created mulitiple chain reactions through all floors upward chemically and genetically mutating almost every living creature on each sublevel. On the bottom floor sublevel 45 (SL45) main character patient 74 who awakes to the alarms going off around him with no relevent memory. Minutes after waking up the character is thrown into a survial situation as two mutated spiders come in the room to attack the player. The player must survive with only their wits and the items that are left around from the destroyed labratory while making their way through the 45 floors of mutated scientist and experiments. Though patient 74s biggest challenge is the bosses and side bossed which make up all other 73 patients slowly collecting their stories of the facility and why the resent patient 74.

As game level goes as the player starts on the first level the gameplay gains in level the more sublevels the player beats starting at the easiest level working its way up harder. To combat this there will be access to multiple character and item upgrades like health and damage upgrades also to help players with the growing levels of the enimies will be secret enimies that drop special items and hidden special items behind on puzzles throughout levels. Although the more progress made through the game the more the player learns about main character patient 74 and how he's overcome the chemical mutation thats affected almost everyone else.


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